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Direction of cooperation

  • 單位 : Software Engineering & Technology Center
  • 分類 : Introduction
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  • 日期 : 2017-04-18
Our center currently has built partnerships with SEI of United State, International Software Research Center (Japan, Korea), Industrial Technology Research Institute, Institute For Information Industry, Chinese Society For Quality, CISA, Software Engineering Consortium, Digital Knowledge Economic Association Of Taichung, and Taichung Computer Association, etc.
So far, we have signed the Letter of Intent with Institute for Information Industry and Chinese Society for Quality, and qualified the tutorship of CISA in June,2004. Also, we conduct the collaboration with Computer Business Associations located in seven midland of Taiwan; CISA recorded the goal and foundation of our center in their software newsletter which is published in April,2003. Furthermore, the Central Information Industry CEO Association which is led by Taichung Computer Association will try their best based on the Central information industry environment needs.